Your mind works best under the open skies. Lungs run best on fresh air. You were built to be outside.
So get closer to nature with the Swedish band, House of Say. Together we created a song not only inspired by, but also created by, the sounds of nature.

How/why did House of Say begin?
Sebastian: We met in 2014 trough a mutual friend who thought we maybe could do great music together. He was right. I’ve done a lot of different things music wise, but when I met Sanne I felt that I really could do my own thing and be comfortable with it. We think very alike.

Where does the inspiration come from for House of Say and the music?
Sanne: My inspiration comes from my own and other people’s stories around the world. To find melodies I just have to open my mouth. Don’t really know where they’re coming from. It just flows like water. :)

Seb: I’m not a person who has a complete idea (or an idea whatsoever) when going into the studio. I have to listen to sounds and experiment. Sometimes it only takes the sound of a bell to find that spark that I need, the other day I might need hours of listening to all kind of stuff before I find that sound that disconnect me from the real world for 12 hours…

You left Stockholm and moved to a more remote part of Sweden. What prompted this move?
Sanne: We had a dream of living in a big old house on the countryside where we could make our music and eat our own potatoes. It’s different to be surrounded by the nature instead of concrete. Don’t get me wrong, I love the pulse of the city and all, but it’s nice to be able to choose when to be in it and when not to be.

How do you get closer to nature in your daily lives?
Seb: We’re often in the woods with our two dogs, taking one or two swims per day, riding bicycle. Also, the seasons are more apparent out here so we really have to learn and adapt to it. Don’t really get my father - A snow shovel IS fun! It’s a good exercise as well!

Have you worked with sounds from nature directly or indirectly in your music before?
Seb: No, this is the first time. We took a field recorder out and sampled everything when could think of. Smashing twigs, dripping water, a streaming lake.

What has changed since you moved away from Stockholm?
Sanne: Instead of doing multiple things and getting pulled in different directions we’re focused and motivated to write music.

When not creating music, what do you like to do with your free time?
Seb: I love skateboarding. It’s a bit harder to find a good spot out here though.. The house. There’s always something to be done. Right now we’re working on making the bathroom a bathroom again. Sanne: We need to replace a couple of windows and paint the house as well. Other than that I love horse riding and skiing.

What is your musical background? Where did your musical careers begin?
Sanne: When I was little I was bribed with a Super Nintendo to join a choir. This didn’t last long since I wanted to do my own thing. However, this musical uncertainty disappeared throughout my teenage years and I became obsessed songwriting and production.
Seb: I played the piano as a kid, but like Sanne I wanted to do my own thing. I didn’t want to read notes on a sheet paper. I wanted to write the notes on a sheet paper. Today I don’t use paper, but a computer instead.

How has House of Say evolved musically/emotionally/etc. Since the beginning?
Sanne: It’s like everything - You get better every time you do something. And also, for me it’s like therapy to write about things I’m thinking about.

What is next/upcoming for the rest of 2018?
Seb: EP/album in the autumn and some radio interviews.

If you could play in one setting or venue, what would it be? What is the perfect venue for House of Say?
Sanne: Coachella.